Where Does Health Insurance Come From?

Everywhere Does Health Indemnity Come From?

We are all habitual with the concept of health indemnity and most people have it in some form or another, but have you ever stopped to wonder how it all started? The thought of paying monthly or annual fees to cover the cost of our health issues seems to be a modern one, but the truth is that there is a long history behind it.

Centuries Ancient

The original thought of health indemnity was brought into being by Hugh Chamberlen in 1694. By the time the 1800`s rolled around, people were able to buy accident indemnity, which worked to help those who were injured in an accident or who finished up disabled.

The very initially health plans only offered compensation if the victim was injured due to an accident on a steamboat or train. While not terribly useful, since there were more injuries related to other circumstances at the time, it did prepare people for the more comprehensive types of plans that would be developed later on by indemnity companies.

In 1847, the Massachusetts Health Indemnity of Boston offered the very initially group indemnity policy with comprehensive benefits. By the 1890`s, indemnity companies were starting to issue individual policies that covered everything from injuries and accidents to sickness and disease.


Health Indemnity During the War

Group indemnity plans as we know them today didn`t initiation in anticipation of 1929 when a group of teachers chose to initiation their own plot. They worked a deal with the Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas everywhere they would pay a monthly fee in exchange for medical attention and recovery care whenever needed, for any member of the group.

The thought went over so well that it wasn`t long before Blue Cross health plans were designed. These were health plans that were negotiated particularly with the local hospitals or even specific doctors. Discounts were given to the plot holders and the full process worked very well.

By the 1940`s, it was evident that more than these very basic types of health indemnity was necessary. Some people couldn’t afford the monthly fees, but were still in need of the protection afforded by having indemnity. This is when employee health indemnity became common. Employers would negotiate a deal for their workers and while you worked in a specific workplace, you were covered by their health plot.

During the Second Planet War, there was a wage freeze. No one was allowed to offer higher wages, which made it virtually impossible to lure the best worker to your companionship. With so many men away from the people fighting, getting the remaining workers available because a war in and of itself. Health benefits became the new lure and before the war finished in 1945, hundreds of businesses were donation comprehensive health packages in exchange for working for them.

Modern Times, Modern Plans

In the 50`s and 60`s, the government started to take an interest in health care and social security started to include disability indemnity in 1954. Medicare and Medicaid were both made in the mid-60`s and by the 90`s, most Americans were enrolled in a managed care health indemnity curriculum. While minor changes have been made in the being since then, the basic premise has remained intact.

Health indemnity has come a long way since the days of steamboats and rail cars, but it`s even more vital now with health care costs on the rise. Built on decades of practical application, modern health indemnity allows people to take pleasure in proper health care and emergency care without having to worry about paying huge amounts of money to a hospital or doctor.

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