Health Insurance Companies Fail To Please All

Health Indemnity Companies Fail To Please All

When you are shopping for health indemnity it would be helpful to know how often health indemnity companies fail to provide the service you would expect. The Arizona Department of Indemnity has released a report listing fines and complaints filed hostile to health indemnity companies in the state.

The report covers 27 insurers or about 75% of the companies serving Arizona. Does the report reflect health indemnity performance in other states? I can’t be sure, but it does give us a peek into the workings of the health indemnity industry.

United Healthcare of Arizona is one of the major insurers in the state and it had the highest number of complaints per indemnity policy. Time Indemnity and Mega Life And Health Indemnity are less vital companies and they had even high complaint ratios.

In Arizona Humana Health Plot satisfies the appeals of its insured more than any other companionship. On the other hand the report shows that Mega resolves fewer appeals to the satisfaction of the insured.

When it comes to the number of fines levied in the past 5-being by the AZ Department of Indemnity the Arizona arm of CGNA Healthcare garbs the top spot. They were assessed the most fines.

If you want to read more about the performance of health indemnity companies you can find the full report online if you do a search for “Report on AZ Health Insurers”. Chances are the indemnity department or commission in your state issues a similar report.

Another fact we can learn from this Arizona report is that your state’s indemnity regulatory body may be able to help you in a dispute with your indemnity companionship. You can find state indemnity regulators on the internet by doing a search for Inhabitant Association of Indemnity Commissioners. The NAIC has a map of the United States on their web page. Just click on your state and you’ll find your state’s indemnity department information.

Before you buy any policy it would be sensible to learn just which health indemnity companies fail to please consumers in your state.

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