The Truth About US Discount Dental Health Plans

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US Discount Dental Health Plans are an inexpensive dental care alternative instead of buying dental indemnity. These discount dental plans never make any payments directly to your dentist or specialist.

The benefit to using these types of discount plans is that they offer substantial discounts, in some cases as high as 60% off, on most routine dental care, such as cleaning, dentures, orthodontic braces and much more.

Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of US discount dental health plans.


One of the excellent things about these types of plans is they don’t have any age limit restrictions. This means that you can see a qualified participating dental provider no matter how ancient you are.

Another benefit is that pre-existing conditions are included. Dental indemnity policies won’t cover any condition that by now existed at the time you were issued the plot. That means that if your whole reason for buying indemnity was to get your teeth fixed that you’re in for a rude awakening because it won’t happen. You can get a discount at a participating dentist as soon as you have your discount card in hand.

Although the cost of joining a discount dental plot and getting indemnity is close to the same, a discount plot does not require you to pay co-pays each time you stay the dentist. Also, there are no annual limits with discounted plans as there are with most types of indemnity.


If you have a major accident, such as falling off a bicycle, falling out of a tree, falling down and breaking your teeth, etc, then dental indemnity would cover most of the costs of fixing your teeth, whereas a discount plot would only offer the discount.

Although there are well over 100,000 providers that acknowledge discount plans in the USA, there are still many areas everywhere service is very limited and you may be forced to travel an hour or more to see a participating dentist.

You may not be able to continue seeing your current dentist, if you have one. You could question that they become a discount plot provider and then see them, but if they refuse then you’ll have no choice but to find a new dentist within the network of the discount plot.

So are us discount dental health plans a better deal than habitual dental indemnity? This depends on your personal needs and the immediate care needs of whoever is going to be included in the plot. It would be best for everyone if they could carry both plans, but that’s not feasible for everyone to do since there are costs involved. Your best option is to get as much information as possible about these two plans, evaluate your urgent dental care needs and make an informed choice afterword.

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